Dixville Notch
New Hampshire

Final Clearance 



         The remaining items in the following categories have been moved off-site and are being sold at Great Pricing



Mechanical Equipment

Electrical Equipment

Lab Supplies

Glove Processing Equipment

General Factory Equipment

Multi-Vac horizontal FFS machine

NEW! Movies of Dip Lines now included

The equipment listed on this site is from the latex glove facility of Healthco International, LLC located in Dixville Notch, NH. This complete latex dipping facility includes dipping machines, compounding facilities, pacakging facilities and all the attendant support machines and equipment including a full machine shop and truck fleet.

To locate any specific equipment, select the appropriate category and follow the links to the specific equipments listed in that category.


Nearing the end! Although a large amount has been sold, threre are still lots of bargins left for those needing equipment.

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Pricing listed is our estimate of the Fair Value of used equipment reflecting replacement cost, age and condition of equipment. Bids for any equipment will also be accepted. Where a bid is pending we will endeavor to note on that equipment as such. We reserve the right to either accept a bid on the spot or to defer pending other bids.